Chrome 55 Latest News & Update: Google Browser Auto Blocks Adobe Flash By Default; Will Flash About To End?

By M PEO , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:31 AM EST

Google Chrome 55 is now released and it automatically blocked Adobe Flash by default. The latest update released by Google to its Chrome browser is now using HTML5 version.

Chrome 55 is released earlier this week and it has blocked all the Adobe Flash content by default. The decision is not new since Google announced this plan of blocking Adobe Flash to be effective in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that is widely used for animations, browser games, internet applications, mobile games and a lot more. However, due to some performance issues and some security flaws, the use of Adobe Flash is declining. Tech companies started to shift and use HTML5 as its platform. Now, Google followed the trend with its new release of Chrome 55.

According to Softpedia, users of Google Chrome 55 may still use Adobe Flash if they want to instead of HTML5. The option can be tweaked under Content Settings which also contains three options: allow sites to run Flash, detect and run important Flash content and block sites from running Adobe Flash.

Google Chrome 55 also allow users to make rule exceptions if HTML5 is not yet available to websites they visit. Users just need to enable the settings properly in order for the Chrome browser work correctly as they needed Adobe Flash or HTML5.

To give users a better experience while using Google Chrome 55, the tech giant exempted some Flash-only websites, like with Facebook, YouTube and Amazon, to minimize disruption. The browser will prompt automatically asking users to allow Adobe Flash if it's needed, Neowin reported.

In addition, Google Chrome 55 made some tweaks on V8 JavaScript engine which reduces the RAM consumption of the browser up to 50 percent. Also, visual improvement is seen with the latest browser as it allows better readability and consistency in a paragraphed text.

Meanwhile, Google is still on completion of getting rid Adobe Flash as seen on its Chrome 55. The tech giant will no longer accept Flash ads in its AdWords program starting next year. Also, Mozilla started ditching non-essential Flash content on its browser since Firefox 48.  


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