'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: 8th Nest Migration Is Now Happening; Here Are The New Nest Locations

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 05, 2016 11:46 AM EST

There has been a lot of things that happened in "Pokemon Go" over the past few weeks. Nianctic has released a new nearby tracker, events like Haloween and Larpas events and the release of Ditto into the wild. However there has been another change that occurred in "Pokemon Go" is the 8th nest migration since its release last July.

The 8th nest migration in Pokemon was presumably started on the first day of December where large groups of the same Pokemon species are now located in new places. For instance, an abundance of Magikarp can be found at the bay of the player's area but when the nest migration occurred the spawns by the bay has changed to Dratini.

Here are some of the changes that were caused by the migration that the Silph Road subreddit has recorded for "Pokemon Go". Abra's location has now been occupied by Krabby, Shellder has replaced Bulbasaur's nesting area. Charmander has now been occupied by the Kabuto and the Clefairy spawn area has changed to Rattata.

"Pokemon Go" players will expect Jynx in the areas of Electabuzz, Jigglypull will be replaced by Onix, Kabuto to Slowpoke, Magikarp to Geodude and Mankey to either Machop or Rattata that was reported by Heavy. Oddish spawn area will now be occupied by Magnemite, Omanyte to Pinsir, Psyduck to Pikachu, Sandshrew to Staryu and Scyther to Geodude.

Scyther's spawn location will now be occupied by Weedle, Seel's area will be occupied by Goldeen, the starter Pokemon Squirtle will now be occupied by Geodude and Staryu to Kabuto in "Pokemon Go". However this nest migrations are very random all over the world that id the Squirtle nest will be changed to Charmander in Singapore it is not the same case in Canada according to Pokemon Go Pocket.

"Pokemon Go" nest migration is allegedly to change once every 22-24 days and the 7th nest migration was reported Nov. 16, 2016. GameNGuide will be giving you latest updates on Pokemon Go's nest migration.


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