Grand Theft Auto V: The Best of Trevor Philips [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Oct 07, 2013 04:25 PM EDT

One of Grand Theft Auto V's charms without a doubt is its three playable protagonists, a feature which Rockstar has been boasting about as a huge part of the "dynamic, living breathing world of Los Santos" for months before the game's release. And in all honesty, the company was right. 

While GTA III's silent protagonist Claude arguably allowed players a greater level of involvement due to his mime-like qualities, allowing players to essentially see themselves as the character (not unlike is so often the case with a great many FPS games and their silent protagonists), he ultimately pales in comparison to future GTA heroes by remaining so mysterious.

By ensuring that Trevor, Michael, and Franklin's stories and actions go beyond their time with the player, they're ultimately more fleshed out, and this is illustrated beautifully when players switch back and forth between each character. Seeing what they do while you're away helps identify some of their daily activities, enjoyments, hobbies, etc. 

Usually, whenever switching to Michael or Franklin, you'll catch them in the middle of fairly mundane activities, like finishing up a phone conversation, taking out the trash, having a snack, or settling back to watch the 'ol boob tube with a stiff drink. But switching to Trevor? Oh dear sweet Jesus...Never before could I think that I'd actually enjoy playing as a man who endeavors to destroy the reputation of our friends in the great white north by ripping out a man's teeth and hitting him with a BioShock size wrench. But then, I never met Trevor until I popped in GTA V.

I've switched to Trevor only to find this guy waking up on the street while still drunk to chasing down a random driver for reasons known only to this meth addled sociopath. Trevor's re-introduction to the GTA V story was certainly a bit...well, "messy." But it's this compilation of Trevor transitions (Trev-sitions? I like it) made by the good folks over at Machinima that show why, despite his utter lunacy, he's one of the best characters to grace the GTA series, and is more than enough to keep players entertained until Rockstar manages to fix GTA Online once and for all.

Highlghts include the CEO of TPI Inc. instructing a body builder to "take it out," waking up on the train tracks with a train fast approaching, and my personal favorite, a delightful scooter adventure. See for yourself below, and enjoy.

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