"The Last Guardian" and "Dead Rising 4": News & Updates: The Duo Tops The Game Charts This Week!

By Intan , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:32 AM EST

The adventure game for PS4 is released after none years of development, "The Last Guardian" and "Dead Rising 4" will be released on Christmas. Frank West. hero of the "Dead Rising" is in the major release in PlayStation 4 this week. It is normal since both of them received some great responses from its fans and players.

"The Last Guardian." and "Dead Rising 4" are the main releases this week - and the last major games to arrive in 2016. Both will be released on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. The games are exclusive to PlayStation 4. "The Last Guardian" puts an end to a 9-year wait. The new game from Japanese game designer Fumito Ueda, creator of "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus," tells the adventure of a young man and a huge mysterious creature called Trico. Together, they need to explore a fantasy and mystical world and solve puzzles.

'Dead Rising 4' brings back Frank West. Frank is a hero of the first game in the zombie series. "Dead Rising 4" is the new chapter in the series of zombie games in the open world. Frank West and Willamette's mall, protagonist and scenario of the first game will return. The novelties are called exoarmaduras, a special clothing that gives a type of superforce and the separation of the arms in three categories. Each component has a unique button in the controls.

PlayStation gives an evaluation of the game to be categorized as the main release game based on the game features, players volume and also the smoothness of playing the game. Every week, PlayStation will announce the top release game so players will be aware of the most played games of the week. "The Last Guardian" and "Dead Rising 4" have simply come out as the top release since they have matched those criteria.

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