'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Tips & Tricks To Survive & Finish The Game With Great Achievements

By Rhianne L. , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:29 PM EST

A battle guide to survive "Final Fantasy XV" is what gamers need to take the lead during the battle. Familiarizing the battle system is a great step to begin, moreover mastering the battle system brings an advantage for the gamers to switch position easily.

"Final Fantasy XV" can be played with a faster gameplay now, this would also mean that gamers are over with those wasted time in waiting for items to load up. With a faster gameplay, the gamers speed in controlling the characters movements is also an edge. Knowing the location of the Outpost is really necessary. The Outpost will serve as a safe place when gamers are not fortunate enough and will suddenly encounter monsters that cannot be defeated with their current standing.

Having ample amount of XP definitely helps alot, "Final Fantasy XV" gamers can accumulate extra XP by completing the quests and defeating the beasts. Gamers can also have an XP boost, just get your way into the Lestallum Hotel and receive a 1.5XP boost to the banked XP. Having a good rest will also boost the XP.

Refresh Stamina bar by letting go of the sprint button until the Stamina bar becomes depleted, then hold the button for a split second afterward. The Stamina bar will be refreshed for infinite running and sprinting, venturebeat reported. "Final Fantasy XV" gamers can extend the Stamina bar by jumping while sprinting.

Travel to discover and collect items that can be sold, gamers can store those items at the treasures games, according to gamespot. Gamers can purchase powerful and stronger equipment from the earnings of the sold items. The gamer's alertness is also being tested in the "Final Fantasy XV", on the mini-map an icon of a fork and knife appears. Click those icons to get the chance to visit and talk to the diners. These diners can help to increase gamer's income.

To level up does not take place overnight, patience and game strategy is a must to survive 'Final Fantasy XV" battle.

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