'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Using the 'Improved' Tracker Effectively; How PokeStops Can Help Perk Up the Tracker's Usage

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 07, 2016 12:16 PM EST

Niantic Labs has decided to remove the "Sightings" feature in "Pokemon Go." However, an "improved" tracker was unleashed recently to supposedly give fans a better experience while playing the hit mobile game.

The new "Pokemon Go" tracker was unfortunately not too pleasing for many fans. Recent reports suggest that there were a lot of players who complained about the "Sightings" feature's removal as it resulted to confusion. On the other hand, several experts have come up with "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips, and tricks to help players handle the tracker more effectively.

Kotaku believes that the new "Pokemon Go" tracker actually works and is somehow an "improved" version of the previous one. However, this depends on one's location. The outlet says the new tracker is basing the location of Pokemon on PokeStops. In cornfields and other similar rural terrains, PokeStops aren't very easy to find. This is the only issue with the tracker and "Nearby" system that remains under debate.

On the other hand, fans are encouraged to continue working on the basic foundation of "Pokemon Go," that is, wandering around. While the "Nearby" mechanic may not always help in tracking down specific Pokemon that some players really want to capture, walking around will still help largely in locating spawning areas and PokeStops.

One of the most effective "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips, and tricks related to the new tracker is to make sure that players begin their search in areas that sport a huge number of PokeStops. The new tracker's footprint bubble will further help fans determine how close they are to a certain PokeStop. This will then improve the chances of capturing Pokemon that are gathering near PokeStops.

Niantic announced that it is still working on providing the best experience for fans who continue to patronize "Pokemon Go." The team is in the process of reviewing feedback that players have sent over to them regarding the new tracker. For now, fans can hope that their insights will be heeded by the developer and fixes will be provided to improve user experience.

"Pokemon Go" is playable in Android and iOS devices. Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips, and tricks!

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