Ellen Page Nude Pictures from Beyond: Two Souls Creating a Stir

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Oct 21, 2013 02:44 PM EDT

It's not every day that I can google for naked pictures of Ellen Page and actually call it "work," but today, I can. It seems that shots from a devkit version of Beyond: Two Souls surfaced online last week, showing Page as protagonist Jodie in her birthday suit, as most of us often are when we're in the shower.

However, the render was a more, shall we say, "complete" version of Jodie/Page than the short sequence that made its way into the game. Now that the pictures are out there, a few outlets who posted the shots are reporting that the SCEE is asking them to be removed, raising the theory that a lawsuit is imminent. Either Page or her representation is pissed, and wants the pictures gone. Even file hosting site imgur has been complying in certain instances.

But taking pictures off the internet is like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool, and once it's in there, it's in there for good, proof positive that the shots are easy enough to find with the right stroke of key words into any search engine's image search, despite the efforts of the SCEE and (presumably) Paige's legal eagles. We won't post them here lest we incur their wrath, but trust me, they're out there, and are about as titillating as you'd expect a naked, 3D render to be.

The scene in question that the shots were rendered for doesn't allow for any camera play, and is comprised completely of locked angles, which calls into question why they were even developed in the first place.

As it's only a render, and not actually Page herself, I can't quite fathom the issue any party would have with the renders, but then again, I've never been represented nude on the Internet. Except for that one time, but I really needed the money. While Paige did motion capture work and had her facial likeness captured for Beyond's Jodie, you'd be hard pressed to think Paige would've agreed to appearing in such a fashion.

The only seemingly acceptable reason for the render's existence was either a dev had a bit too much time on their hands, or nudity was originally planned to be a part of the game, but was later removed for whatever reason. As anyone who played Heavy Rain knows, Quantic Dream does have a bit of a notable history for placing their protagonists in a hot shower and giving gamers an eyeful.

Beyond: Two Souls released earlier this month to rather mixed reviews.

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