'Grand Theft Auto V' Latest News & Update: 'GTA 5' Data Mine Revealed Cut Multiplayer Content, UFOs, Big Foot & More

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:44 AM EST

A team of dedicated "Grand Theft Auto 5" fans has finally accomplished its goal of uncovering the motherlode of cut beta content. This momentous feat revealed the progress the game had undertaken since its development.

"Grand Theft Auto 5" is constantly changing its title on the basis of player base demands, years after it was first released. Lately, speculations appeared that Rockstar Games had single-player "Grand Theft Auto 5" DLC trashed for online multiplayer map development. Significantly, this move is not because the developer thought that single-player content was a losing plan. The impressive reason is because fans had fully encompassed the "Grand Theft Auto 5" animated online community.

For several fans, however, it is not about pursuing all of the changes that have been made to "Grand Theft Auto 5" for its entire life cycle. There are groups of devoted "GTA 5" fans who have been eyeing for the holy grail in the game's development cycle. As they discovered recently that they have located concept art from its humble beginnings; "GTA's" holy grail must have been found, according to Kotaku.

A "GTA" forums user named ZT exposed the new development images, which were discovered through the digital of artist Steven Walsh. The images are still there, however, and they are fragments of history that show some key proposed features for "Grand Theft Auto 5" that were then cut.

The most exciting of these cut features is a piece of material that confirms the points of view of the online datamining community. In that material, the online multiplayer for "GTA 5" was initially going to be faction-based. In addition, players are able to choose between supporting The Police, The Vagos, Bikers and more.

The images appear to suggest that as soon as players joined a faction, they would then start helping their new gang in subduing parts of the online map. Although just a nebulous guess, it appears that the suggested faction system would have been partly inspired by the gang war system in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

Other data discovered were UFOs, hidden symbols, a memorial, and even Bigfoot. Past the baseless speculation, however, it is an interesting peek into what "GTA 5." Whatever changes Rockstar made were most likely for the best.

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