'Final Fantasy 15’ Tips, Guides, News & Update: How to Max Out All Skills Quickly

By Ara , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:22 AM EST

In "Final Fantasy 15", each one in the team specializes in one skill that can be leveled up so players can get more bonus in the game. Gladio is the guy to use when players need to find better items while Noct is the guy to go to when players need to fish.

There is also Ignis who is best in cooking and Prompto for taking photos. So this article will be every player's guide how to max their team's stats as quickly as possible so they can enjoy more bonus and rewards in every mission.

How to Level Up and Max Noctis Skill in "Final Fantasy 15"

Noctis can be leveled up by going to the fishing shop in Vesperpool east shore. Buy the high-level fishing rod and reel as this will greatly increase the chances of having a better catch in the game. Then head to Vesperpool lake which should be close to the shop and start fishing. Continue fishing while visiting the camp now and then to rank up.

How to Level Up Ignis Skill And Maximize it in "Final Fantasy 15"

The easiest and probably the cheapest way to level up Ignis is to get him as many luncheon meat as players can afford from Lestallum store. This ingredient is only 100 Gil so 50 pieces of it will only cost 5,000 Gil. Use all the luncheon meat bought to cook the Mystery Meat Sushi when on a campfire.

How to Level Up Gladio Skill And Maximize it in "Final Fantasy 15"

Leveling up Gladio will not just be easy but cost-free as well. Since his specialty is finding things, all the player needs to do is run around the game and they will max his skill in no time. One trick allows Gladio to run around a place infinitely which is done by enabling stamina in the options setting. Then let Gladio run until his stamina decreases while pressing and releasing the circle button in Playstation 4 or B in Xbox One.

How to Level Up and Max Prompto Skill in "Final Fantasy 15"

To level up Prompto, players need to buy the Snapshot, Tech Strike, Quick Tech and Tech Damage. This will allow him to take photos even while in combat while his tech bar recharges very quickly. Then every time a player has a one tech bar in each of their combat, let Prompto use this skill.

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