Pewdiepie & Gaming Update: Felix Kjellberg, Explains Why He Would Delete His 50M Subscribers YouTube Account; See Here Why!

By Lei Velayo , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:37 PM EST

Internet is a fun place to stay, as internet people know this most famous YouTube, Pewdiepie or Felix Kjellberg for his oddness and fun, he announced and explained why he will shut down his YouTube account with 50 million subscribers on it.

YouTube, the place where all videos can be found, might lose its most subscribed user, Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie is reported to be the highest paid user on YouTube, earning $15.1 Million. Felix Kjellberg, or Pewdiepie has improved hits since his book release titled, "This Books Loves You" that contains his image of silliness.

As per Mashable, Pewdiepie underwent YouTube hiatus for weeks last November, 2016. His break was because of stress and busy time schedule. Felix Kjellberg said he was doing daily vlogs for show, and it was too much, pertaining to his new network, Revelmode, which mainly focuses about gaming stuff.

Pewdiepie was open about how he handles his stress, as he says that he has a high tolerance on it, yet it just went worse when he got in Los Angeles. He made a remark about his planned hiatus by simply tweeting "Brb," on his Twitter account.

In recent news, Pewdiepie says that he will delete his YouTube account when he reaches the 50 million mark on his subscribers count. He explains that he did not like YouTube's change that pushes all the videos into just some sort of click baits. Felix Kjellberg also said that YouTube is trying to kill his channel, he also added that it was already happening if you would watch his analytics go down.

Pewdiepie made a video about the account deletion, serving as a warning on YouTube that they will lose their biggest star who mandates 13 billion YouTube views in total.

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