AMD Radeon Graphic Latest News & Update: Will Intel Use AMD GPU For Its Next Processor?

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Dec 08, 2016 07:44 AM EST

Intel is rumored to have finalized a deal to license AMD Radeon Graphics technology for use in its own processor for 2017. This rumor comes from Kyle Bennett, the Chief Editor of computer gaming site HardOCP.

"The licensing deal between Intel and AMD is signed and done for putting AMD Radeon Graphics into Intel's GPU." He said in a forum. For decades, Bennet has been in the computer business and he has excellent experience with Nvidia, Intel and AMD. No any other evidence to support the rumor for AMD Radeon Graphics and Intel, but only Bennet experience in the mentioned parties.

According to Trustedreviews report, AMD Radeon Graphics technology would be used as part of Intel's integrated GPU, but as several outlets have noted, the deal makes sense for other reasons. It could give both entities an advantage over Nvidia, with Intel's patent cross-licensing deal with the company will expire next year.

If Intel doesn't relicense its technology, it will be open to litigation, so they will be looking for a new deal for cross-licensing. The company does not have anywhere near the amount of patents of Nvidia or AMD Radeon Graphics, so they will need to infringe on those companies' patents to build integrated graphics.

It could actually be that Intel will simply use AMD Radeon graphics integrated into its processor chips. But as Forbes said, this would make Intel reliant on its biggest competitor for a key technology.

After the agreement between Intel and Nvidia expired, Intel now has to go for looking patent protection for its graphics cores. AMD and Nvidia own the graphics patents in the world, means Intel developing graphics cores is impossible without licensing deals, therefore, Intel's easier move is to use AMD Radeon graphics instead.

As of now, the rumor is still unclear whether any deal between Intel and AMD Radeon graphics is indeed being negotiated. By this succeeding year, this rumor about Intel will be answered.

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