Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date, News & Update: Most Powerful Gaming Console Coming In 2017

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Dec 02, 2016 05:22 PM EST

PlayStation 4 is considered by some as the most powerful console. Now, Microsoft announced a new Xbox Project Scorpio console that will snatch Paystation 4's title.

Xbox Project Scorpio is speculated to be launched in about a year from now. Game enthusiasts are extremely excited about the gaming system for a couple of reasons. One thing is that Microsoft's latest console is way more powerful compared to the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

Xbox Project Scorpio 4K capability and high specs proven the title. A developer said that Xbox Scorpio will dominate the gaming industry with its performance of 4K at 60fps, that will give it an edge over the PS4 performance.

According to MobiPicker, though technology fans are positive about the future of these gaming systems, it's still a bit worrying that these fans are basically held back by the older iterations and the price. 4K at 60fps specs, like Xbox Project Scorpio, is great for a console, but gamers should hope that there's a better price for that.

In a recent interview with Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, he made it known that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be a premium console and it will cost more than the Xbox One S. He also stated that although they haven't announced the price points for Xbox Project Scorpio, the projected high price of the console reasonably meets the demands of the higher end customer.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is said to be five times more powerful compared to the current Xbox One version. Its ability of rendering visual details at 60 Hz will lead to a smoother and better gaming experience, and it is expected to reduce lags when played on TV screens.

As stated in the report, Xbox Scorpio might just come along with a VR headset since Virtual Reality has been the latest trend in this gaming generation. Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio gaming system will be launched in the holiday season of 2017 with its predicted price of $800.

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