'Pokemon Stars' Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Third Game From 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'; To Be Released On The Nintendo Switch

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 08, 2016 11:33 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is undoubtedly one of the successful games released for the Nintendo 3DS this year and many Pokemon fans praised the current Pokemon game title. Meanwhile, reports have been rife that a third game in the saga, titled "Pokemon Stars" is already underway and will be released for the Nintendo Switch in March 2017.

What To Expect From 'Pokemon Stars'

According to reports, "Pokemon Stars" is said to have serious features for the 7th Gen of Pokemon in the Alola region. One of the biggest changes "Pokemon Stars" will bring to the Nintendo Switch is the inclusion of PokeGyms in the Alola region that were missing in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Another feature for "Pokemon Stars" is the addition of a new team that players can encounter other than Team Skull in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The recent datamine revealed a 4th encounter music not heard in the latest game, but could be used for a team that is soon to be added in "Pokemon Stars."

Meanwhile, one of the datamined codes for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was the feature of walking with Pokemons on the islands of the Alola region. However, the feature didn't make it to the game due to the fact Nintendo 3DS can't handle such feat. But hopefully the walking with Pokemon feature could be seen in "Pokemon Stars" whereas Nintendo Switch has a faster processor in its features.

There are rumors that "Pokemon Stars" will feature Nekrozoma as a cover for the upcoming Pokemon game since the pokemon carries a star shape on its head or a new pokemon will be introduced in "Pokemon Stars." Meanwhile, Marshadow could possibly have more spotlight for the pokemon in "Pokemon Stars" along with Nekrozoma.

It was speculated that "Pokemon Stars" will be released for Nintendo Switch later on, since this has been a setting trend for Nintendo to have an third title with expanded features such as "Pokemon Yellow" that was a third title for "Pokemon Red & Blue. Stay tuned to Gamenguide for more "Pokemon Stars" news and updates.

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