'Nier Automata': The Free Demo Of The Game Talks About YorHa 2B Fighting A Huge Machine Weapon In An Massive Factory

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:12 PM EST

"Nier Automata" is the game for those gamers who want an open world exploration just like Skyrim and other games with this feature. Now, Square Enix officially announced the demo of the game that will be released this month. The demo will feature a boss battle with a gigantic machine weapon awakened when 2B arrives. Now, with a barrage of missiles and lots of smashing. In this demo, a huge chunk of elements in the game is already revealed, which rekindles and feeds the burning flames of hunger among players wanting this game.

Thanks to Square Enix being a good sport in releasing the demo soon, PS4 owners will jump for joy or be disappointed with the game. As far as the trailers and previews of the said game, it is excellent in the making. The demo will be released this December 22 and playable for free.

More details not yet specifically announced for the demo

The demo only consists of the boss battle but Square Enix did not mention about how long will the demo reach in the depths of "Nier Automata." Of course, expectations of demos in upcoming games only lasts enough to provide a piece of the experience to players and prove that the game is not a rip off or other boring ones out there.

Based on one post from GameSpot, the demo will hit the PlayStation stores on December 22 and will cover the abandoned factory with the massive machine weapon in it. As exciting the statement that is said, 2B main priority is to destroy it for good.

Is there any update or announcements for the PC version?

Unfortunately, there is still no updates regarding the PC version of "Nier Automata." The PlayStation 4 version will be released next year on March 7 but the PC version is on a standstill.

However, hope is not lost because there will be a PC version that will be coming soon. It is just a matter of time until Square Enix reveals it on an event or in a certain time. Luckily, GameCross, released some of the early demo from Japan that reveals some elements in the factory, where 2B fights the boss, which can be viewed below.


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