'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Nintendo Mobile Game Hands-On Experience; Two More Game Modes Added For The Game

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:07 PM EST

"Super Mario Run" will be hitting the sack to all iOS smartphones on December 15 and will be the first mobile game for the franchise this year. But before that, several persons have experienced the mobile game, including Jimmy Fallon, has something to share for Mario fans.

How 'Super Mario Run' Compares To The Old Mario?

The Verge did stated that Nintendo basically strips down the essence of a classic Mario game to make "Super Mario Run." Players can still expect that classic Mario In "Super Mario Run" with Mario wall jumping, squashing goombas along the way, collecting power-ups, and even jumping the flagpole at the end of each level like on the past games of the franchise.

For starters, "Super Mario Run" is an automatic runner, which means player won't have to control Mario's motion, but instead players will have to tap the screen to make the plumber jump. The longer players tap that screen, the higher Mario ascends, while a quick tap only makes Mario hop in "Super Mario Run."

In "Super Mario Run", player's objective is to collect five pink coins in order to advance a sub-level, which players will move on and collect five purple coins in even harder places to collect it. Once players collect the five purple coins in "Super Mario Run", players will go on forward with collecting black coins in a super hard level.

Toad Rally & Kingdom Building In 'Super Mario Run'

Meanwhile, "Super Mario Run" features two game modes with "Toad Rally" that is similar to "Mario Kart" with players racing the time. The "Toad Rally" in "Super Mario Run" will let players play with each other and the idea is to determine who can finish the race with the most stylish run, in the shortest time possible.

Once the race is over, players who won the "Toad Rally" in "Super Mario Run" will receive coins in the process. The coins can be spent on materials that will be used to build player's own castle in "Super Mario Run."

"Super Mario Run" will be release in December 15 on all Apple Stores and an Android version of the game will be set next year. "Super Mario Run" is free to download, but a $10 fee is required to play the game in full.

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