NES Mini Classic Edition: Lets you Enjoy The 80s - 90s Video Game You Have Missed So Hard !

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 10, 2016 08:05 AM EST

The moment where games are getting closer to reality, there are still players who remember with great appreciation the classic games that made history. This year, with the announcement of the NES Mini Classic Edition, which brings back the games of the unparalleled Nintendo lovers of the 80s, caused great euphoria in the most nostalgic fans, who would have the chance to play unforgettable titles in high definition and with great fidelity to the original model.

It has several alternatives to "resurrect" old games also appeared throughout 2016, including platforms for the legendary Atari and Mega Drive, which revolutionized the market. Even with the range of alternatives, this week, a new concept came to the fore and drew attention to the specifications. Named as 'RetroEngine Sigma', NES Mini Classic Edition is able to emulate any classic game that the user envision, including Game Boy titles, Nintendo 64, Neo Geo, PlayStation, Master System, Sega CD, among many others.

The Retro Engine supports wireless controls and can also be used as a home entertainment center with the Kodi platform and running the Armbian open source operating system, which also features a native web browser. Currently, this compact console of NES Mini Classic Edition is available in Amazon and become the (extremely) limited product.

With a simple but rugged design, the Sigma NES Mini Classic Edition has microSD card slot up to 32GB, and all games can be configured in a simplified way. Just name the folders with each classic device's brand that the small device will recognize automatically. One of the big highlights is that RetroEngine also supports 4K resolution for both games and movies. With the price of $ 49

NES Mini Classic Edition as RetroEngine is expected to be officially launched in April 2017. However, the original version of this classic console has been around for about a month. The little gadget no doubt comes as a great gift to all those who remember with great respect the consoles that transformed what until then was a simple diversion, in what today is one of the most powerful markets in the world.

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