Puzzle Royale Review: Fight Monsters to Solve the Puzzle!

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 10, 2016 07:21 PM EST

Puzzle games at first glance may not attract some of the more demanding players because of their simplicity, be it graphics or challenges. However, the game "Puzzle Royale", released this week and even has a resemblance not only by name with "Clash Royale" by Supercell, has exactly this differentiated proposal, mixing puzzle with monsters battle, all this With 8-bit graphics. The 8-bit graphics may seem not advance anymore. However, it is more than enough for mobile games and yet, it makes the storage capacity lighter.

Players are a summoner of monsters from the Enigma realm. There will be a tournament of battles in the name of the Princess, who deeply loves the monsters. The winner of the tournament will marry the beautiful Princess on the game. "Puzzle Royale" is currently available in IOS and Android.

The game has several options to play with. The main characteristics in "Puzzle Royale" such as: Classic 3-in-a-row jigsaw puzzle: collect 3 or more monsters and earn rewards with the combo, Battle of monsters: summon powerful monsters to each combined piece to fight opponents, Retro graphics: immerse players in the fantastic world of pixelated art monsters, Monster Enhancement: Collect monsters cards to evolve and gain more power, and Alloy System: Defeat other monster invaders and advance to higher alloys "Puzzle Royale" is available for free for Android and iOS.

Basically, "Puzzle Royale" is the game whose the character is inspired from the "Clash Royale". However, in this game, the players also need to solve puzzle in order to fight monsters or getting more cards. The game needs internet connection as well, which means, you may not be able to play that offline. The game has just released a few weeks ago. Yet, it becomes popular among mobile gamers rapidly.

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