‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gameplay, Latest News & Update: Hacking Experience Revolutionized, Drone Race Brought To Life & More

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 11, 2016 02:55 AM EST

Hackers are typically portrayed as geniuses that hunch over their keyboards the whole day while writing down codes and computations on a screen on green against black. That might not be what would excite most people, but on "Watch Dogs 2," this idea has been turned into a full action open world in the same manner that "Grand Theft Auto" has. Hacking in this case, involves more than just numerous computers and a can of coke, as players will witness explosions, robberies and many more displays of brute force done mainly through a keyboard.

"Watch Dogs 2" Hack Systems

In "Watch Dogs 2," a player can hack systems that connect to underground pipes to make explosions, overload a circuit box and knock down nearby guards. It does not even feel like the game is based on hacking and what it can do with the action it packs because the amount of action it offers could go against many of today's games.

PC Gamer reports that this wild reimagining of what goes on in behind wires and screens assumes a more bizarre direction for the series as a whole. What is even more exciting is that there is a lot of open world content for everyone to enjoy in "Watch Dogs 2." Most of these come as a result of a player's abilities in the game. A player can combine many different abilities for an endless number of desired results, but stealth systems are usually undermined by hacking and combat abilities.

"Watch Dogs 2" Main Mission

The main mission in "Watch Dogs 2" tasks Marcus, the main man, with extracting data or sabotaging information from the heavily guarded premises of companies. The companies are obvious representations of Silicon Valley tech giants, which include Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more. Artificial Intelligence guards would patrol the area and a player can bypass them through the use of two RC drones, one wheeled and the other airborne, which would scout the area to mark enemies and other obstacles.

In developer Ubisoft's post on Twitter, a team saw a different purpose for these drones and such were done through racing them. In a short clip, people brought to real life the drone racing experience offered in "Watch Dogs 2" and it looks absolutely awesome with all the lights, sounds and explosions.

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