'Resident Evil 7' Release Date, News & Update: Game Demo for Xbox One is Out! Capcom Aims for 4M Sales on Launch Day

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 11, 2016 08:07 AM EST

"Resident Evil 7" was previously released for PlayStation and now it has arrived on Xbox One as well. More players now have their chance to try the game prior to its official launch on Jan. 24, 2017.

The "Resident Evil 7" demo is definitely an opportunity for fans and avid gamers to see what they can expect from the much-anticipated game. Although PlayStation 4 players get to experience the gameplay first, Xbox One users are not left behind that far anymore.

PC users will also be able to check out "Resident Evil 7" since it was also announced that the demo is coming to PC on Dec. 19. Players can now reserve their copy too since pre-orders are being accepted already.

According to Capcom, "Resident Evil 7" game developer, the seventh installment will be their biggest launch so far. This is because RE7 is set on the latest generation of hardware and it will have a VR support.

"Commercially, Resident Evil 7 is probably the biggest Capcom game we are releasing on the new machines," EMEA marketing director Antoine Molant told MCV.

Molant further stated that they are looking forward to selling at least four million copies of "Resident Evil 7" on the release day next year. Of course, he was talking about a total number of sales worldwide.

"Ideally, we'd love to sell four million on Day One globally. That would be great," he said.

The marketing director shared that they are actually pretty confident that they will reach their set target because of the trend in video games nowadays. Moreover, what makes the "Resident Evil 7" team feel sure that they will achieve what they envision is the turn out of pre-orders.

With that said, obviously, millions have already placed their orders for "Resident Evil 7." Molant added that pre-orders from the U.K. market, U.S., and other territories are very good so far.

Then again, the "Resident Evil 7" marketing director said that they will not sit back and relax just because the response from the buyers are positive at this point. He stressed that although their confidence is not waning, they know the team still needs to push more for their goal. Finally, "Resident Evil 7" gamers can expect new previews to arrive this month and more are coming prior to the game's release.

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