'Train to Busan' English Remake Release Date, News & Update: More Massive Companies Bidding for Film; Sequel Just a Tease?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 11, 2016 07:05 PM EST

Train to Busan" English remake became a recent talk for the many followers of the series, and with it, other filmmakers have also started to make their presence felt. Some of the biggest names in movies are cordially reaching out to the team behind the said flick-though no one seems to have been considered worthy of it just yet.

Those who may have not been lingering out much in the cinematic community may not be aware of the triumph that the Korean flick "Train to Busan" came across. With unimaginably large numbers generated through its worldwide release, the movie captured attention in more ways than one, which now leads to the "Train to Busan" English remake.

According to past reports, the "Train to Busan" English remake is caught in a tug-of-war by Sony and Fox not long after the movie aired, with the deal revealed by French company Gaumont. There were also others who wanted to give a go at the film's remake, such as StudioCanal and EuropaCorp, which are also French companies that make a habit of producing similar linguistically diverse movies.

Gaumnot CEO, Sidonie Dumas, was honest to admit that they were behind the trail since the Cannes Film Festival, wanting to be the one responsible for the "Train to Busan" English remake. Dumas further added that he is excited as much as everyone else is in working on the American version, which has now been confirmed to take place in Los Angeles.

The "Train to Busan" English Remake is said to have French rights in it. However, there will be some who may assume how there will also be a French rendition, but is apparently not a certainty for now. Past tweets also teased how there could be a sequel to "Train to Busan," but such is still a question.

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