Grand Theft Auto 5 News: DLC Details Leak? Audio Files From Beach Bum Update Points to Possible New Content, and Rockstar Offers Holiday Deals for GTA Online [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Nov 27, 2013 12:33 PM EST

With the Beach Bum Update having just arrived this past weekend, I'm sure some of you are still content to run around in GTA Online causing all sorts of chaos. But for the rest of us, we're hoping for some additions to the game's story mode. If the rumors are true, it looks like that may be a possibility, as the Beach Bum Update also brought in some interesting audio files as well, hinting at DLC possibilities.

While surfing through the update's files, YouTuber Franken Stein discovered some audio that has gone unused as of yet. Compiling the tracks, he shared them with the world, piquing the curiosity of GTA fans everywhere.

You can check out the video below to listen for yourself. You'll hear a lot of random tracks, some yelling from Martin Madrazo and even GTA IV's Brucie, but what's really interesting is what comes from Lester. The hobbled tech guru mentions smartphone upgrades, and a new casino.

Now, if this is content planned for the game's story mode or GTA Online, well, we can't really say. The absence of any of the main protagonists voices seems to point to the latter, or perhaps said vocal tracks just weren't included in the most recent update. It's also important to remember that when Rockstar first announced the Beach Bum Update, they also teased that "exciting Story Mode updates" on the newswire would be made "very soon."

In other (and considerably more solid) news, Rockstar is talkin' turkey for GTA Online, and is offering deals for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Black Friday. A recent post on the newswire reads:

"After you've recovered from gatherings with dysfunctional family members, participating in unplanned scuffles in department stores over drastically discounted kitchen appliances and engaging in wanton acts of mass poultry consumption, sneak back to Los Santos where a host of GTA Online items will be discounted this holiday weekend. Turkey Shoot Targeting your elusive bounty for the holiday table shouldn't cost an arm and a leg."

Deals include 50% off of any armaments with the word "rifle," be they attachements, ammo, or any of the game's aforementioned bird busters.

The deals don't stop at the fowl either. Instead of braving the shopping malls, Rockstar is encouraging you to stay home to enjoy the deals they have to offer. The Black Friday Sale offers color-coded discounts of 50% on a wide range of clothing items and car customizations:

- Select Black Colored Clothing & Accessories, including: jewelry, ties, shirts, vests, jeans, pants, board shorts, dresses, skirts, chinos, shoes, flip-flops, cargo pants, t-shirts, tracksuits, tank tops, hoodies, polo shirts, skate shoes, oxfords, boots, masks, ear defenders, hats, beanies, bandanas, helmets, glasses and much more.
- Select Black Colored Vehicle Modifications: window tinting, black tire smoke, black license plates

The deal starts tomorrow, November 28th and goes until December 1.

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