‘PlayStation’ & ‘Microsoft’ Gaming Update: Sony PS4, Reclaims The Thrown As It Ends Microsoft Xbox One’s Monthly Hits Sales!

By Lei Velayo , Updated Dec 12, 2016 09:51 PM EST

Xbox One seemed to win the great year of 2016.PS4 had the momentum back as they outbreak November's top sale, hitting the most sales on the world of console.

The official results will come out on December 15, 2016, yet GameSpot confirmed that PS4 runs high, compared to the Xbox One, on the month of November. No definite numbers were told nor posted, as the company declined to tell more precise answers until the official sales release date.

For June 2016, Xbox One S has been released and started the massive outburst of sales, the Microsoft's fire against PlayStation lasted until October, five months until Sony unveiled its momentum shifter, the flexible units called PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.PlayStation Pro solidified Sony's energy as it boosted the hits, dropping 50 million units sold. Basically, PlayStation Pro nailed it, bringing 4K video games even thougt no one thought it could be possible to be playable in consoles.

On out previously written article, PlayStation's very own, The Last of Us 2 is confirmed by Naughty Dog with an intriguing short video game trailer. For full information, see 'PS4' Gaming Latest , News & Update: Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us 2, Confirmed To Hit The PS4 Stall Racks Soon!

Though PlayStation and Microsoft offers same prices with same unit levels at the same time, Microsoft drops off its old Xbox down to $180. But the console war does not end there, Xbox One still got a lot to offer as gaming fans look after the Xbox Scorpio that supports 4K Gaming Resolution, the only thing that could compete is the price, as PS4 is tagged with usual PlayStation or Sony's price tag.

The console war seems like an endless road trail, no stops and no breaks for the both teams. Multi console user has the most peaceful mind in these kinds of state.See this early review made three months ago; 

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