'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Update: Miyamoto Reveals That Mario Mobile Game Wasn't Intended To Be A Free-To-Play Game

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 12, 2016 10:56 AM EST

When "Super Mario Run" creator and legend, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Mario will be coming to the iPhone in September, everyone's jaw dropped. Recently, Miyamoto was available for a quick Q&A discussing about how the team came up with "Super Mario Run."

Shigeru Miyamoto Talks About 'Super Mario Run'

In an interview, Shigeru Miyamoto explained that the game developers wanted to make the simplest Mario game ever, since other Mario games today has developed into a more complex title. Miyamoto added that to make "Super Mario Run", the team had to strip down into the very core of a Mario game, making simple controls at the same time making it fun.

Miyamoto also stated that the "Super Mario Run" creator focused on the structural framework of the mobile game that allows Miyamoto to easily identify what needed to be changed. Miyamoto added that the team has particularly the same opinions as him in making "Super Mario Run" fun.

Miyamoto was asked why the creator chose Apple to be his partner in releasing "Super Mario Run." Miyamoto responded that Nintendo has been talking a lot about making a mobile game and game developers, himself included, quickly picked Apple to represent Nintendo and "Super Mario Run."

Miyamoto believes that Apple can execute "Super Mario Run" perfectly and can provide development support for the game's longevity. Miyamoto also reveals that Nintendo didn't want to develop a free-to-play game in the first place, but to ensure Nintendo get want it wants, the company has to talk with Apple on what both companies best interests are.

"Super Mario Run" will be available to download this Friday on all Apple Stores worldwide and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and all Apple products that run iOS 8.0 or higher. "Super Mario Run" will have a $10 payment in order to play the whole mobile game.

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