'Uncharted 4' Latest News & Update: December Update, What to Expect from Naughty Dog in 2017

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:27 PM EST

Developer Naughty Dog confirmed that Survival mode or co-op gameplay unleashes for "Uncharted 4" next week. This latest change will also pave the approach of more competitive multiplayer mode plus additional game content.

Naughty Dog also stressed that all changes in "Uncharted 4" will come at no cost to the players. Maps and modes are going to be available immediately to players and there is no limitation for extra contents as well. These include even "Uncharted 4" unlockables like weapons, vanity items and Mysticals.

To recall, "Uncharted 4" have already released goodies in summer where gamers enjoyed highlights such as boosters, skins and more than a hundred vanity items. Before the year ends, Naughty Dog assured that there will be similar give away and the anticipated co-op mode is going to be an icing on the cake, News Everyday reported.

Actually, "Uncharted 4" have already given a roadmap for changes even up to the next year so we might as well take a peek. Two changes were slated for 2017 with each batch unleashing in winter and spring season. Both packs taunt more weapons, boosters, skins and vanity items as well. However, it is interesting to note that "Uncharted 4" decided to make the announcement open-ended as they added the phrase "and more" at the end of each update list.

Meanwhile, "Uncharted 4" looms towards a live streaming event tomorrow, December 13th, says International Business Time. The event intends to show off the newest free DLC and introduce the above-mentioned Survival mode. Contents will be unveiled too and so will other add-ons so stay tuned until we have more.

Now here is a worthy recollection of previous reveals; "Uncharted 4" will attempt for resurgence once its continuity gameplay releases. Naughty Dog said that this is going to be a standalone DLC which is up for grabs soon. This newest addendum is going to be called "The Lost Legacy" which will feature protagonists Chloe and Nadine.

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