‘Dota 2’ Latest News & Update: Patch 7.00 Contains New Spell Changing Talents; More Details Here!

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 13, 2016 11:10 AM EST

The most recent "Dota 2" patch 7.00 is bringing the gaming experience of every player to a new level. With the new talent spell system, players can now select their hero's talents at levels 10, 15, 20, and 25. Here are some of the heroes with changes in their spell talents.

Gyrocopter and Enigma

In the "Dota 2" patch 7.00, Gyrocopter has two new final talents, an increased rounds of the Flak Cannon and the +3 Homing Missile Charges which both gives domination over the opposing teams. New talents of Enigma include the increase of 8 extra Eidolons in its Demonic Conversion making it a total of 12 when casting the spell.

Phantom Assassin and Lion

The final talent of PA allows her to discharge an extra Stifling Dagger that can cause a critical hit to a foe. When Lion reaches level 25, players of "Dota 2" can pick the 3 Mana Drains talent which is a hard counter for hero illusions - a great anti-push strategy.

Mirana and Lycan

Mirana's new talent in "Dota 2" patch 7.00 is that she can release two more Sacred Arrows that travels in a cone array next to the original arrow. Lycan can now summon 2 more wolves giving the hero a greater pushing ability or the player can opt to increase the duration of Shapeshift to 15 seconds.

Doom and Weaver

The final talent of Doom in "Dota 2" patch 7.00 makes him a glutton, devouring ancients along his way taking in all their skills in the process. Weaver at level 25, increases the hero's movement speed to 200, giving the hero 750 ms while invisible.

Nature's Prophet, Puck and Spirit Breaker

Nature's Prophet is even deadlier in "Dota 2" patch 7.00 being able to summon 6 more Treants on his 3rd skill. Puck becomes even more of a pain in the butt, at max level, his Illusionary Orb increases it travel speed by 75 per cent. Spirit Breaker's Charge increases by 500 movement speed this makes the hero faster than Bloodseeker looking for blood.

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