‘Total War: Warhammer’s Realm Of The Wood Elves’ DLC Cheats, Tips & Tricks: General Battle Tips, Game Spoilers Revealed!

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 13, 2016 03:29 AM EST

Same with any other game, strategy plays a key role in being victorious. Players who research on how to be victorious proved to always get ahead amongst others. Here are some general battle tips and tricks for "Total War: Warhammer's" latest DLC, "Realm of the Wood Elves," that can help you emerge in blazing glory.

This may contain spoilers of "Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves" so proceed at your own risk. Here are some tips and tricks to help you rise to battle.

Battle Tips and Hints

The Wood Elves is a deadly and tricky faction in the game "Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves". Their units lack the staying ability of other races. This race has a good amount of firepower under their arsenal. They have a variety of magic missile attacks and melee attacks as well.

The forest-dwelling warriors of "Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves", are defined by their Achilles' Heels. The wood Elves have indeed a great deal of firepower but they themselves are vulnerable to firepower. Taking out enemies that are ranged infantries and artilleries first takes the highest priority.

To compensate for the Wood Elves' weakness, the Treemen and Treekin in "Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves" is the best chance to hold and form a challenging bulwarks from which archers can fire upon. Though the Treekin is the best choice for holding a line, be wary of using them against armor-piercing heavy infantries. It is better to use the elven melee infantry or fire ranged when facing these foes.

The Wood Elves of "Total War: Warhammer -- Realm of the Wood Elves" are an archery-centered race and is able to maneuver while shooting arrows. These forest warriors need to be micro-managed, though. If they are left by themselves, they will crumble like pastries.

These are just some of the many tips and tricks that are available for players. For more "Total War: Warhammer's Realm of the Wood Elves" tips and tricks, stay glued to Gamenguide.

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