'Horizon Zero Dawn' Release Date, News & Update: Guerilla Games Sports Dynamic GPU Tech to Move Environment

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 13, 2016 06:20 PM EST

Open world game "Horizon Zero Dawn" will sport a dynamic environment that is being created around player's character. This new GPU-based procedural technology is opposed to previous approach where it is the character that rotates and the open world fixed.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" ensures seamless gameplay with this dynamic environment. Developer Guerilla Games said that the procedure includes generating not just semi-static objects like rocks, structures or trees. Other dynamic "Horizon Zero Dawn" elements including effects, weather, wildlife and even gameplay are procedurally generated as well.

According to senior tech programmer Jaap van Muijden, this on the fly approach to "Horizon Zero Dawn" is similar to a painter who creates his masterpiece in a 360-degree canvass. Everything in the GPU algorithm work together to create dense world. Roads, mountains or deserts are ever-changing in "Horizon Zero Dawn," Muijden added.

Meanwhile, it is admittedly hard to describe everything that "Horizon Zero Dawn" can do so Muijden and crew will simply demonstrate this dynamic approach. There will be programming sessions as well to fully narrate how player traversal mechanics work.

A GDC conference was already posted although the date for "Horizon Zero Dawn" is to be determined yet. Be reminded though that this session is intended for programmers and laymen might find it difficult to fully digest the science behind. This "Horizon Zero Dawn" event will focus on things like code and animation interactions.

So, going back into "Horizon Zero Dawn" gamers' perspective, Guerilla Games promises agile character with dynamic approach employed. Not only that GPU power is focused on the environment but less resources is needed to manipulate the character itself.

The single player, third-person "Horizon Zero Dawn" is an action role-playing title bound for PlayStation 4 next year. Much anticipation has build up around this title from Dutch developer who confirmed February 28th release date for North America. UK players doesn't need to wait for their turn because "Horizon Zero Dawn" will invade gaming shops in the region just a day after.

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