Grand Theft Auto Online News: Social Club Event for this Weekend Offers Discounts and Reward for Best Deathmatch and Race Creators

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Dec 20, 2013 01:06 PM EST

Provided you're done with all your Christmas shopping, Rockstar has plans for how you're going to plan your weekend. According to the latest post on the Rockstar Newswire, the company has another event for Social Club members in Grand Theft Auto Online, offering discounts on vehicles, a live-stream broadcast, and a sweepstakes for those of you with a flair for creativity.

First, let's talk discounts.

To celebrate the game's new Capture mode, Rockstar's dropped the price by 25% for the following vehicles: the Adder speedster, Dinka Double T motorcycle, and the Buzzard attack helicopter. All armor upgrades for vehicles has also been knocked down 50%. If that's still outside your budget, keep an eye peeled because Event Crate Drops are back, stocked with weapons and cash. For the truly cash-poor, you're in good shape, because Races and Deathmatches are free to enter all this weekend, mostly so that you can see all the stuff that players have been creating since Rockstar released the Content Creator beta. Some might even be a bit familiar.

I'm sure some of you are a bit eager to hear the sweepstakes details, so let's talk about that next.

Rockstar will be perusing through the user created Deathmatches and Races this weekend. If you think your particular creation is up to snuff, tag it with #CreatorWeekend by this Sunday, December 22, to make sure Rockstar gives it a good once over. Based on the ratings your creation as received and the opinion of Rockstar staff, you could stand a chance at being one of five to win a cool million dollars of in-game currency, and an exclusive unique vanity license plate. See here for the full terms and conditions.

If you're up to the challenge, but haven't quite wrapped your head around the Content Creator, Rockstar is hosing a live-stream today, 2pm, at both the Rockstar Social Club, as well as Twitch, offering tips and hints for using the Creator.

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