‘One Piece’ Chapter 850 Latest News & Update: Vinsmoke Family Blames Big Mom For Attacking Reiju?

By Miah Spencer , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:48 AM EST

"One Piece" chapter 850 is expected to reveal the attackers of Reiju. While everyone is busy preparing for the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding, the only daughter of the Vinsmoke family was attacked by an unidentified suspect.

Big Mom and her men are the prime suspects. Some believe that Capone "Gang" Bege is the one who hurt Reiju in "One Piece" chapter 849. There are speculations going around that Bege attacked the female Vinsmoke to create a dispute between the Germa 66 and Big Mom. Could this be revealed in "One Piece" Chapter 850?

The case needs to be resolved right away before conflicts arise in "One Piece." Big Mom is probably not the real suspect since she would not want to initiate a war that would compromise the wedding of her daughter.

She would never let go of the opportunity to make Vinsmoke family her ally. If the powerful family finds out that Big Mom's men hurt the commander of Germa 66, the arranged wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding in "One Piece" might be cancelled.

Both the Vinsmoke and Charlotte family have hidden agenda. The ruler of the Germa Kingdom wants to make Lady Pudding as their hostage in case anything happens while Big Mom desires to take advantage of the family's advanced war machinery in "One Piece," as per Sportsrageous.

An unknown group probably wants to stop the two families from working together so they attacked Reiju in "One Piece" chapter 849 and accused Big Mom of doing it. Once conflicts arise, the political wedding would not happen, according to News Everyday.

Meanwhile, the Strawhat pirates are receiving help from their friends. Pedro wants to pay them back for helping them when they were the ones in trouble by fighting Big Mom's army. He will make sure that the pirates would be able to fulfil their mission.

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