Macbook Pro Touch Bar Tweaks And Fun

Macbook Pro Touch Bar Tweaks And Fun

The newest model of the Macbook Pro features a slim touch display called the Touch Bar, which can be tweaked to improve productivity and provide fun.

by Michael Augustin

Apple Hopes For Strong Christmas Season

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, News & Update: 15-inch models refreshed with Polaris GPU Chips

The MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to come out somewhere near the end of October with rumored features and specs likely to come out aggressively in the coming weeks. Among the things that Apple customers are interested to know is the processor and the graphics processing chips it may carry.

by Snooky Grawls

Apple iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Launches In Australia

iPhone 8 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Redesigned with Glass To Aid LTE Connectivity

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are already out though the consumer reception has been mixed so far. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bombing out, most are left with no alternative but to seriously consider the iPhone 7 variants or wait for the iPhone 8.

by Snooky Grawls

Apple Unveils iPhone 6

iPhone 8 Latest Rumors, Release Date & Update: Next Flagship Eradicates Home Button

With the iPhone 7 imminently debuting in the coming week, the attention has now slowly veered to the iPhone 8 which will reportedly come with a major design revamp.

by Snooky Grawls

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Update: Leaked Features, Release Date And Competition!

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Leaked Features, Specs & Competition!

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is pumped up with awesome features according to latest updates.

by Annavi A. Salvador

iPhone SE

iOS 10 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Customized to iPhones without 3D Touch? Rich Notifications Include Older iPhone Models Too?

One of the features expected to come with iOS 10 is the ‘rich notification’ feature which should function easily with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus’ 3D Touch. However, the feature may go as far as covering older iPhones as well even without the touch-sensitive feature.

by Snooky Grawls

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs, News & Update: Is Apple Copying Lenovo and Razer? Imminent Laptop Not Arriving In WWDC 2016 Event?

MacBook Pro 2016 is reportedly copying this feature from Lenovo and Razer.

by Luis Vincent Gochoco

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