Windows Release Date, Latest News & Update: Kubernetes 1.5 Is Coming to Windows Server 2016 On December 15; Features Revealed

By LJ Joseph , Updated Dec 14, 2016 10:01 AM EST

Kubernetes 1.5 is coming out in Windows Server 2016 on December 15, 2016. This is an effort done by Apprenda, Microsoft, Google, and Red hat. It will soon bring container management to windows for the first time.

Windows Update: Kubernetes 1.5 Coming Out To Windows Server 2016

Kubernetes project is part of Linux Foundation's Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Linux was the only supported operating system of the previous versions of Kubernetes. Rakesh Malhotra, Senior Vice President of Products and Engineering at Apprenda, has added that Microsoft Azure cloud also supports Kubernetes but without Windows server support. However, Windows is now supporting Kubernetes in the new Kubernetes 1.5 that is coming to Windows Server 2016.

Windows Latest News: Kubernetes 1.5 Features Revealed

According to eweek, Kubernetes 1.5 provides an open source platform for automating deployment, scaling and operations of application across public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud hosts. It allows users to install a hybrid container host environment of Linux and Windows Server operating systems.

Kubernetes 1.5 is the first version of Windows with container support. It provides open-source container management system. Infoworld reports that Kubernetes 1.5 supports different kinds of Windows containers. One is the conventional Windows Container that is Docker's port to Windows. The other is the Hyper-V Containers that provide VM-like isolation. More features are revealed on this site.

Windows Update: Kubernetes 1.5 Features StatefulSet Beta

Kubernetes 1.5 also offers StatefulSet in Beta. This is previously called PetSet that allows users to organize stateful applications that are running. This feature requires stronger identity and storage. It also requires databases such as PostgreSQL and clustered software such as Cassandra.

Windows Release Date & Update: Multiple Vendors Support Kubernetes 1.5

Multiple vendors have supported the release of Kubernetes 1.5 in Windows Server 2016. These include Apprenda, Microsoft, Google and Red Hat. Red Hat has helped to lay the foundational groundwork of Kubernetes 1.5 to connect Windows nodes to the cluster. It has also assisted in making the prototype of Kubernetes 1.5 mapped to Windows containers. Users can expect Kubernetes 1.5 to be released on December 15, 2016.

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