'DOTA 2' Latest News & Updates: New Strategies Will Come to Life in Version 7.00; More Updates Expected

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 14, 2016 05:45 AM EST

Many years have already passed ever since "Defense of the Ancient (DOTA)" has come to life and the game has gotten a new update. The latest patch for "DOTA 2" has finally moved to a new number which is 7.00, and it is also expected to come with a lot of changes.

Players may have to adjust to the latest update for "DOTA 2" since the map of the game has been revamped. Based on reports, a lot of players have shown their excitement since it would be refreshing to play the Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with the new patch. Even players who have already retired from the game are willing to come back so they could give the new update a spin.

It was also reported that the map has more details now and players will have to figure it out once again. Gamers would have to find out how they would be able to use the new map to their advantage since the vision for it is now less. Shrines have also been added in the new map of "DOTA 2" where they can regenerate their health points and mana, but it can only be used every five minutes. With the new additions to the game, fresh strategies will surely appear that would change the game once again.

A new character has also been added in "DOTA 2" which is the Monkey King and it has the abilities called Echo Sweep, Flicker, Nimble Nimbus, and Cloud Dance. The character has actually been leaked six years, but it has not arrived until now. Its ability, Echo Sweep, allows him to damage 100-250 health points of enemies from a certain distance. The skill that makes the new hero unique is Cloud Dance where it can swing thru trees, but active abilities cannot be used.

Version 7.00 of "DOTA 2" will make players excited and hyped up for the game since they will go thru a learning curve again. The client of the new update was released back in Dec. 12.

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