‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episodes 73, 74 Titles Revealed, Spoilers: January and Early February 2017 Schedule

By Maz T , Updated Dec 14, 2016 02:43 PM EST

Goku and Hit's battle will mark the end of 2016 and it is not a separate arc as speculated by fans before. Now, "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes 73 and 74 titles are out.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 73 Title, Airdate and Spoilers

This episode titled "Gohan Gets Made Into a Movie?!" and "Dragon Ball Super" episode 73 airs Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 74 Title, Airdate and Spoilers

The seventy-fourth episode is titled "For The Sake of the Which [He] Loves!" According to Herms98, it could be she due to the ambiguous nature of Japanese.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 74 airs Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017.

"Dragon Ball Super" Schedule for December 2016, January and February 2017

Dec. 18, 2016: Hit arrives to kill Goku - Part 1 - In this episode, Hit has been enlisted to assassinate Goku by someone. He will arrive while Goku is doing is daily chores. The battle in this episode will trickle into the next episode. 

Dec. 25, 2016: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 72 - Will Hit be able to assassinate Goku in this two-part series?

January 1, 2017: No episode will be aired due New Years celebration.

January 8, 2017: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 73 is scheduled to air.

January 15, 2017: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 74 is scheduled to air on Fuji TV.

January 22, 2017: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 75 is likely to be a filler.

January 29, 2017: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 76 will also be a filler.

February 5, 2017: "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 77 might be the beginning of the multiverse tournament.

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