Microsoft’s Cortana News & Updates: Amazon Echo & Google Home Competitor Will Launch On 2017; Cortana Integration To Other Products Available Soon

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:50 PM EST

Google Home and Amazon Echo are one of the most popular voice-activated speakers nowadays. And now it's time for Microsoft company to build their own version. Presenting the upcoming speaker device with Cortana personal built-in coming in 2017.

Microsoft company has released a teaser video featuring their all-new voice-activated speaker with Cortana personal built-in that would be considered as Google Home and Amazon Echo competitor. In the teaser, the upcoming voice-activated speaker was described as cylindrical speaker device that uses the Cortana AI command.

Like Google Home and Amazon echo, Microsoft speaker device also has blue circle on top indicating that the assistant is working. In addition, the audio company, Harman Kardon, is set to be the first device makers to market the voice-activated wireless speaker.

The upcoming Microsoft voice-activated speaker will not only use for playing music, but it will also have two-way audio communications for Skype, calendar, and emails. This voice-activated speaker will give a great use for OEMS who will use the Microsoft's voice assistant device.

On the other hand, Microsoft company will also open their Cortana virtual assistant to third-party hardware makers. MacRumors stated that Microsoft's plan approaches the two software kits. The first one will be the Skills Kit that developers can use to build apps that can be controlled using Cortana voice commands. The second kit will be the Cortana Devices SDK that allows the third-party hardware manufacturers to use the voice-activated AI to new devices.

Aside from Alexa and Apple's Siri, step by step, Cortana is making its own hit as Microsoft confirmed their plan to develop a HomeHub feature for Windows 10 PCs. The Redmond company is planning for Cortana Integration to their appliances like toasters, thermostats, fridges and Internet Of Things (IoT) devices. It will be connected to the upcoming update of Microsoft's Windows 10 Creator's update that includes the use of Cortana in its products. "Wake On Voice from Modern Stand" and "Far-field Voice" are part of the said update.

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