Microsoft Updates: Cortana And Skype Changes For 2017

Microsoft Updates: Cortana And Skype Changes For 2017

Microsoft introduces new updates for Cortana and Skype, which is scheduled to happen sometime in 2017.

by Michael Augustin

Harman Kardon + Cortana: Premium Audio Meets Personal Assistant

Microsoft’s Cortana News & Updates: Amazon Echo & Google Home Competitor Will Launch On 2017; Cortana Integration To Other Products Available Soon

Microsoft is set to launch its voice-activated speaker with Cortana voice command next year.

by Arlene Limsiaco

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

Microsoft AI News & Update: AI Innovation For The Visually Disabled Breaks Barriers & Is A Perfect Example Of Technology Used Correctly

The new Microsoft AI due out in 2017 will describe images to blind users.

by Arianne Gift

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Ad: Cortana Tells Siri Who Is The Real Computer

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Latest News & Update: Windows 10 Digital Assistant Tells Siri Who Is The Real Computer; Is Cortana Correct?

Microsoft’s advertisement which is labelled “What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana” specifically targets Apple’s iPad Pro.

by Annavi A. Salvador

Xbox games console and headset

Microsoft Brings Cortana To The Xbox One Summer Update

Microsoft may be up to something and it could mean better days ahead for the PC gamers out there.

by Snooky Grawls

Experience: HALO by Xbox 360

'Halo 6' News & Release Date: 343 Expands Plot, Saga In The Works

Halo director and 343 studio head shares Halo 6 details and what's next for the Halo Series

by Roleen Delos Reyes


'Hey Cortana': Windows Phone Virtual Assitant Will Be Always On

Microsoft is taking a page from Google in building its digital assistant, Cortana. A new update to the Windows 8.1 mobile operating system allows users to just bark "Hey Cortana" into their phones, much like Android users can say "OK Google" to get the system to respond.

by Barry Eitel

windows phone

Cortana Pulls From Bing To Predict NFL Game Outcomes

Windows' digital assistant Cortana can now predict NFL games. Microsoft's version of Siri did a near perfect job of predicting the World Cup over the summer (becoming this year's version of Paul the Octopus from the 2010 World Cup).

by Barry Eitel

Cortana reveal

"How Can I Help You, Master Chief?" Cortana's Officially Your New Windows Phone Assistant

She's not going to be a blue woman anymore, but Cortana will be your new personal assistant in the next Windows Phone update. The well-leaked new system was officially announced and demoed at Microsoft Build today.

by Alex Wolfe


Fist Pictures of Siri Smarthphone Rival Cortana Emerges

She's still blue, but not exactly how you may have remembered her...

by Luke Caulfield

Halo her

Microsoft's Challenger to Siri Rumored to Be on the Way in the Form of Halo's Azure A.I. Cortana in Next Update

Nothing official from Microsoft, but an announcement is expected in April, and the update is rumored to hit in June...

by Luke Caulfield

Cortana angry

RUMOR - The iPhone has Siri, but the Windows phone has Halo's Cortana

"I am your shield...I am your sword...I am your secretary."

by Luke Caulfield

Halo 4 Screenshot Spartan Ops

Episode 8 of Spartan Ops for Halo 4 Releases Next Week, Gets a New Trailer (Watch it Here!)

Team Double playlist and unlocks for Rogue and Tracker specializations incoming

by Luke Caulfield

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