Amazon Echo Show Officially Unveiled, Release Date Detailed

Amazon Echo Show Officially Unveiled, Release Date Detailed

Amazon has just added another member to its Amazon Echo Family.

by Michael Augustin

The Amazon Echo Prepares To Invade Las Vegas

The Amazon Echo Prepares To Invade Las Vegas

Steve Wynn has announced that they are installing the Amazon Echo in all of their hotel rooms.

by Michael Augustin

Harman Kardon + Cortana: Premium Audio Meets Personal Assistant

Microsoft’s Cortana News & Updates: Amazon Echo & Google Home Competitor Will Launch On 2017; Cortana Integration To Other Products Available Soon

Microsoft is set to launch its voice-activated speaker with Cortana voice command next year.

by Arlene Limsiaco

Amazon Echo or Echo Dot? ... BUY THIS ONE!!!

Amazon Echo, Echo Dot News: Amazon Offers $40 and $10 Discounts For Echo Products; Great Deals With Other Amazon Products

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot is now on sale with $40 and $10 discounts, respectively.

by Arlene Limsiaco

GE Smart Lamp Alexa Technology

"Amazon Alexa" News & Updates: Voice Command Technology Embedded In Newest GE Smart Lamp

From smart speaker, Alexa voice command technology play host to another technological breakthrough of General Electric (GE) device, the new smart lamp.

by Jun Pasaylo

Google Pop Up Store Opens In New York

Amazon Echo Surpasses Google Home on User Experience Though Google Assistant Scores Over Alexa

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home are smart and sleek devices that do not take up much space.

by Ritwik Roy

Amazon Echo Dot: Smaller Design, Lesser Price, Big Features

Amazon Echo Dot: Smaller Design, Lesser Price, Big Features

The Amazon Echo Dot sports a smaller body and cheaper price, but still carries the same features found on its bigger model.

by Michael Augustin

Amazon Tap & Amazon Echo Dot - All Info [Official]

Amazon Black Friday 2016 News & Updates: Amazing Best Three Offers Great Deals On Echo, Tap & Echo Dot

Amazon's Black Friday deals include the three smart home devices, Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Dot.

by Arlene Limsiaco

Google Home: Hands-free help from the Google Assistant

Google Home Latest News & Update: Best Buy Offers Cheaper Amount For The Device

Best Buy offers great discounts on the Google Home smart speaker this coming Black Friday.

by Gloven Ramos

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

You Can Now Send Text Messages via Amazon Echo

It's official! Starting today, all AT&T subscribers can now send text messages hands-free both via Amazon Echo and Echo Dot with the help of its built-in assistant Alexa.

by Darlene A.

Google I/O 2009

Google I/O 2016: Top 5 Things to Expect in Upcoming Event

Google has exciting things to share beginning Wednesday!

by Staff Writer

Amazon Echo

Amazon's New Amazon Echo Is Like A Standalone Siri That A Whole Room Can Use

Well, it looks like Amazon had more than the Fire Phone up its sleeves this year after all. Today, Amazon pulled the curtain away and revealed the Amazon Echo, an always-on voice command device that lets you play music, ask questions and compile lists from anywhere in the room.

by Connor Sears

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