‘Dishonored 2’ Latest News & Update: New Game Plus Hits Steam, Players Can Combine Emily & Corvo’s Powers!

By Bernie Y. , Updated Dec 15, 2016 11:57 PM EST

"Dishonored 2" new game plus will allow players to combine the supernatural powers of Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin. Players, who particularly like to mix-and-match, may just love this added feature to the game!

'Dishonored 2' Rolls Out First Patch

If you're among those who love to play mix-and-match, then the new game plus of "Dishonored 2" may just appeal to you, PC Gamer reported. The first of the two free updates of the game will a New Game Plus mode that will give players access to all of the abilities of both characters (Corvo and Emily) as well as all Runes and Bonecharm traits collection from previous sessions. Players very well know that these can be reassigned to different powers. 

"Dishonored players have asked for it, so now New Game Plus is here for Dishonored 2," creative director Harvey Smith said in a blog post from Bethesda. "If you've ever wanted to make higher-powered characters, now's your chance. We've been having fun with it here at Arkane Studios, and we hope you will too." 


Released on Tuesday, the free update was rolled in beta in advance of a full rollout scheduled for December 19. Additionally, the second update is slated for January. The second update will reportedly add a new Mission Select option and additional custom difficulty settings.

'Dishonored 2' Combines Corvo & Emily's Powers!

Meanwhile, Polygon added that completing "Dishonored 2" with either Corvo or Emily will unlock the New Game Plus Mode. On the next level, players can still choose between the two protagonists. What's more interesting, players can now carry over all the runes and bone charm previously collected.

The second patch, which is salted on January, will include a custom difficulty setting allowing players to select missions and replay them. Check out this video for more information about the new update.

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