Nintendo News & Update: Game Developer Releases Its First Ever Smartphone Game, Super Mario Run Details Here!

By Bernie Y. , Updated Dec 15, 2016 11:57 PM EST

Nintendo Co. finally released its first ever game for smartphones after almost two years of development. The game developer released the mobile game on Thursday to Apple Inc.'s devices. Will it be a big hit to mobile users?

Nintendo Joins The Mobile Bandwagon

The release of Nintendo's first ever mobile game is a sign that it finally embraced the mobile-app market, Bloomberg suggested. After years of steering clear off, the Japanese game developer finally realized the growing potential especially after the success of Pokemon Go earlier this year. Super Mario Fun was finally released on all Apple devices on Thursday for its first full test run.

Nintendo mainly developed Super Mario Run with the added help of its partner DeNA Co. Fans made high expectations after the Kyoto-based company announced a strategic shift in its business toward mobile-app industry in March 2015.

Oddly enough, Super Mario Run won't be initially available in China, the world's largest app market. More so, reports pointed out that its decision to release the title on Apple devices may alienate Android gamers, which account for about two-thirds of the whole smartphone users.  Nintendo will be releasing an Android version in 2017.

Super Mario Run Review

Meanwhile, The Verge tried the game and released their own take on the classic console game. The report said that the game was fun but it compromised Mario on phone. Fans should brace themselves for a different kind of Mario game.

Similar to games like Canabalt and Temple Run, Super Mario Run is an automatic runner, which works the same way. Mario keeps on running as you try to manipulate him into jumping, hopping or leaping.

Simply tap the screen for a quick hop and hold your finger down for a longer leap. This simple creates a surprisingly vigorous experience. With a combination of taps and presses, Mario can do all sort of things. Nintendo has successfully found creative ways to adapt the classic game into portable gaming.

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