‘Super Mario Run’ Review: All About Action! [VIDEO]

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 16, 2016 09:41 AM EST

"Super Mario Run" is undoubtedly the most hyped game but the hype is not without a reason. This is the first time that a Mario game developed by Nintendo is released on some other hardware. The game's first few levels will make Mario fans nostalgic.

In "Super Mario Run" the plumber is again trying to rescue Princess Peach from King Koopa. As usual, Princess Peach is baking cakes and throwing parties. She also invites her old friend Mario. But King Koopa who Hovers in his Koopa Clown Car is creating havocs in Princess' life. King Koopa also threatens to take the cake and Princess away.

"Super Mario Run" has three modes but only a small part of them are free, for the rest players have to pay a single IAP to unlock them. The most interesting among all the three modes is the tour mode. The player will get 24 stages spread across 6 worlds. There are some familiar territories like deserts, the skies of the Mushroom kingdom, ghost houses, Bowser's castles and airships. It takes a few minutes to complete each stage. To get the set of coins, the gamer needs to collect special coins in a stage. But these set of coins come with new enemy arrangements. After crossing all these hurdles another set will be waiting. After getting all these coins and planning the moves the rescue mission will take around one hour. Thus, the player will reach the final battle with Koopa.

There are Super Mushrooms to buffer Mario from an attack and Bubbles which will help him from losing his life. But for Mario veterans, there are some new things too. The biggest change is the way Mario protect himself from opponents. Now while running straight a Goomba will not harm him and he will push himself over it. Another change is that if the player taps the screen while Mario vaults, he will jump into the air and come in front of the enemy with a high leap.

Other 2 modes in "Super Mario Run" are kingdom mode and Toad Rally. According to Touch Arcade, Kingdom mode enables the player to build his own Mushroom Kingdom. He can do so by placing buildings and decorations in some fixed locations on the map. In Toad Rally the player is going to face another player's ghost.

To conclude, one can say that Super Mario is an Extremely interesting game and once the player starts playing there is no looking back. Nintendo has added charm to the game and it gives Superb platforming.

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