‘Gotham City Sirens’ News Update: Harley Quinn To Lead An All-Girls Trio For Film Adaptation?

By James Ryan Morales , Updated Dec 16, 2016 06:58 PM EST

'Gotham City Sirens' News Update: Last summer, the 'Suicide Squad' film made Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn character famous than ever. Now that Robbie requests a solo film adaptation, it seems like instead of just her, it will feature an all-girls trio having Harley Quinn as their leader.

Now, the DC Extended Universe is ready to make another comeback, as they are intending to create a new film that will depict an all-female supervillain cast. Director David Ayer confirms the news that Poison Ivy and Catwoman will be joining Harley Quinn for the film adaptation of 'Gotham City Sirens'.

David Ayer confirms on his Twitter account that Poison Ivy and Catwoman will be joining forces with Harley Quinn. However, it is possible to add more characters into the film depending upon the public response and decisions to be made by David Ayer and the rest of the production team.

But there is a problem. Who will be playing Poison Ivy and Catwoman? It is no doubt that Margot Robbie owned the role of the psychotic sweetheart of Joker. However, questions arise as who could possibly play the roles of the two other female supervillains for the film adaptation of 'Gotham City Sirens'.

Regarding Poison Ivy, the only person who played for it was Uma Thurman for the movie 'Batman and Robin'. While Catwoman has been played by several film actresses. Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry took the role before.

However, Halle Berry would seem to have upset the audience before, and Michelle Pfieffer could never take back the role anymore. So the most logical choice would be Anne Hathaway. The actress seem to be interested with the role as well, but the final decision would still go to the production team and director.

It seems like we would still need to wait who they will choose to fill in for the roles of Poison Ivy and Catwoman. But look at the bright side, Margott Robbie would still be doing her role, and she's in for crazier antics together with her new girlfriends in 'Gotham City Sirens'.

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