Mods Bring The Legend of Zelda to Skyrim

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 27, 2014 02:12 PM EST

If you thought the Thomas the Tank Engine mod was a hoot, wait until you get a load of this. There's a great deal of mods for Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, some that are just general visual upgrades, while others completely re-engineer the game's entire world and make it look like a distorted Mushroom Kingdom. But instead of Mario, this mod takes another NES classic and throws a little Legend of Zelda flavor into Tamriel.

Redditor Promarksman117 shared the above image on a thread not too long ago. While it no doubt looks lovely, duplicating it will no doubt be a bit more difficult, as it's not just one mod that's running, but quite a few. Over 200, actually, but you won't need all of them if you're looking to turn your Dragonborn into Link and your steed into Epona:

* The "clock" in the upper left that gives things a Majora's Mask kind of feel is from the "A Matter of Time" widget, which gives you a rough time estimate by indicating the position of the sun in-game. You can grab the mod from NexusMods here.
* This texture pack is what gives Whiterun that more polished and bright look. Again, download it from NexusMods here.
* As many weapons and armor you can craft and find throughout the caves and dungeons of Skyrim, you'll never come across Link's trademark shield and/or Master Sword. Those come courtesy of Relics of Hyrule, which also throws in a number of other Zelda weapons and gear, like the hover and iron boots, skulltulas, megaton hammer, fire, ice, and light arrows, gauntlets, spells, and more.
* Promarksman unfortunately forgot which mod was used to transform the horse into Epona, but after a basic search through NexusMods, this looks like the one. There's another here, but the color is a bit off from the one in the above image.

That's what you'll need for the most basic attempt at recreating the picture, but I can't promise it will look nearly as polished. Promarksman117 shared a number of mods he was using, but it's a far cry from all 224. Still, the results should still be impressive, especially for Legend of Zelda diehards waiting for Nintendo to make a LoZ game on a scale as massive as The Elder Scrolls.

Now also happens to be the right time to install the various mods and give them a trial run, as a memory tweak has just arrived allowing for more mod support, as well as the capability to display a considerably higher number of NPC's, in this case, more than 300. It's not an official patch, but if you think it'll give you the extra horsepower you're looking for, you can read more about it here.

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