Outlast Trophies Pop Up Ahead of Game's PlayStation 4 Release

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 27, 2014 03:44 PM EST

As tends to happen, while the next indie-horror game in line, Outlast, isn't available on consoles yet, but trophies for the game have surfaced, and unlike so many other games, it seems as though earning them is surprisingly basic, meaning that the game will more than likely keep its focus on surviving the game, rather than accomplishing any time consuming or grandiose tasks.

At 8 trophies in all, the list is also surprisingly minimalist. You can check out the complete list below, courtesy of HardcoreGamer:

EDUCATED - Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings
EMANCIPATED - Collect the key in the Female Ward
FLUSHED - Drain the Sewers
ILLUMINATED - Restore power to the Administrative Block
LUNATIC - Finish the game in Insane mode
PULITZER - Collect all documents and complete all recordings
PUNISHED - Finish the game
SOAKED - Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward

Outlast caught a lot of attention with its PC release over the fall, and with good reason. It's a low cost, but visually impressive game from the indie development team Red Barrels, which is made up of a number of primarily ex-Ubisoft staffers with impressive résumés, having worked on games in the Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Dead Space, and Army of Two franchises. 

The game mixes stealth, having players hide in the shadows from the various ooky spookies that litter the halls and wards of a long abandoned mental asylum, always the perfect setting for a game whose designers want to make you lose control of your bowels as often as possible.

"The core experience is basically a stealth game," described Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin. "But instead of it turning into a shoot out when you get spotted by the enemy, it turns into a chase."

"You can't do rebounds and running and stuff like that, but we wanted the character to be able to interact with the world and use those abilities while they're running away from the enemies to make those chases as exciting as possible," Morin explained. But it's not just all about evasion, players will also have to use their wits to get through the game's "puzzle hubs."

"You're going to have to explore and figure out what you need to do and in what order you need to do it, and while you're doing that there's going to be enemies doing their own stuff," explained Morin. "They mostly become obstacles between you and your objective."  

To ensure a visceral experience, Outlast has plentiful amounts of content that would make most major publishers not get within a city block of it - "intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong language."

Already available on PC, the game hits PlayStation 4 on February 5. It will be free for PS Plus Members. A prequel DLC called Whistleblower has also been announced. Check out the trailer below to see if Outlast looks like the type of game that'll tickle your scaredy sphincter. 

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