Call of Duty: Ghosts' News - New Trailer and Trophies / Achievements Show What Onslaught DLC is Bringing to Extinction [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 27, 2014 11:13 PM EST

Get ready boys and girls, Call of Duty: Ghosts first DLC, Onlsaught, arrives tomorrow, and with just a few hours to go, here's a nice sneak peek at a few of its offerings.

First up, the DLC brings in a selection of new trophies / achievements. With a dozen in all, it's certainly nothing to scoff at. You can check out the complete list below courtesy of XboxAchievements.

Egg-stra XP! - Complete the Egg-Stra XP challenge and then destroy a hive in the Onslaught DLC package.
For those of you looking forward to what the DLC offers
Nightfall Completionist - Complete all challenges and kill the Breeder in Nightfall.
Pea Shooter - Kill a Rhino with only a pistol in Nightfall.
Phantom Exterminator - Kill 5 Phantoms in one game.
Pushing Ahead - Gain access to the Compound area in Nightfall.
Speed Slayer - Kill the Breeder in less than 5 minutes in Nightfall.
Survived Nightfall - Kill the Breeder for the first time in Nightfall.
Throttled Survival - Kill the Breeder while using a Relic in Nightfall.
Turnabout is Fair Play - Kill 50 Cryptids with the Venom-X weapon in Nightfall.
Undiscovered Truths - Found all intels.
Weapon Facility - Gain access to the Facility in Nightfall.

There's also a new trailer showing what the DLC will be bringing to the game's Extinction mode. Check it out below.

That nice bit of footage aside, here's a quick recap of everything else the DLC is bringing:

First and foremost, the DLC adds in a new weapon, the two-in-one Maverick, which can function as either an assault or sniper rifle. Have a closer look at it here
As per usual, there's also a nice selection of maps for the game's multiplayer mode, each with its own "bonus," four in all:

* Fog - players assume the role of the iconic babysitter bloodletter, Michael Myers of "Halloween," complete with trademark music and axe
* Bayview - call in a naval artillery strike
* Containment - call in an airstrike to detonate a radioactive missile, destroying anyone in the immediate area
* Ignition (a remake of Scrapyard from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) - activate a test engine that ignites and burns enemies in the area

The DLC also brings in additions for the game's alien hunting Extinction mode, picking up where the last mission, "Point of Contact," left off. It also adds in two new alien types:

- the "Phantom," capable of turning invisible mid-leap.
- the "Breeder," an enormous boss creature

You can get a closer look at the DLC's maps and alien newcomers here.

Onslaught hits Xbox platforms first, later this month, January 28. Expect it to hit the rest of the platforms after in late February. You can check out the DLC announcement trailer here, and a recent live action trailer here.

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