'Pokemon GO’ Trick: How to Get A Raichu With Santa Hat

By Allan , Updated Dec 16, 2016 06:56 PM EST

In the latest update of "Pokemon GO", Niantic has released not just a baby Pichu but also Pikachu wearing a santa hat. However, there is more to the update that not everyone probably know. And that's trainers can also own a Raichu with a Santa Hat. Now catching this Pokemon can be a little tricky but this article will guide players how to get it.

How to Get a Raichu with a Santa Hat?

Based on the experience of players that have already caught a Raichu with Christmas hat, the only way they got it on their Pokemon inventory is by evolving their Pikachu with a Santa hat. Now this task is not really easy as players will either have to collect all the candies needed by finding more Pikachu or walking a lot to get enough candies. But the fastest way to do it is to do the needed KMs by biking because it only takes 1 KM to get 1 candy.

Where to Find a Pikachu with a Santa Hat?

Now finding a Pikachu with a Santa Hat will be the most challenging part because the only way to get one is to catch one from the wild. The good thing is, "Pokemon GO" already had the Nearby feature upgraded so players will also see if a Pikachu in Santa Hat is nearby. The only catch is trainers would have to find it soon because the event will only last until December 29. After that, Pikachu with a Santa Hat will no longer be found in the wild.

For players that have already caught the Christmas themed Pikachu, they get to keep it even after the "Pokemon GO" event and evolve it to Christmat themed Raichu. So all that's really important is to find the Christmas Pikachu before the event ends and just take their time to evolve it to get the special Raichu in "Pokemon GO".

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