Xbox Scorpio VS PlayStation 4 Pro: Xbox Scorpio Not Competing Against PS 4 Pro; Specs Far Better?

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 17, 2016 08:36 PM EST

For over a decade Microsoft and Sony have been fighting each another in the console industry. With the launch of the PS4 Pro and approaching Xbox Project Scorpio, that decade-old war looks likely to linger.

With the Project Scorpio scheduled for its official release next year, many enthusiastic fans are excited about the forthcoming Xbox flagship. However, rumors of its very expensive price have been a disappointment. Xbox Head Phil Spencer assures that all the specs presented during this year's E3 will not change and will absolutely be implemented. Aside from that, Spencer has also implied that The Xbox Scorpio will not be competing directly on the PlayStation 4 Pro, because according to him, it is going to be better than the Pro.

The Xbox Project Scorpio Will be Massive

Since the official announcement of the upcoming gaming console at E3 conference 2016, Xbox Project Scorpio has been immensely considered as a boosted gaming hardware. It has steered many Xbox fans and tech savvy as well to believe that Microsoft will price the Xbox Project Scorpio at the price range of a premium gaming PC.

Xbox Project Scorpio Not Competing With Sony's PS4 Pro

Phil Spencer is famous in the industry for fetching interesting questions on Twitter, an activity he has been doing for years. Recently, he teased in a post, saying that Microsoft is making some Xbox plans for Xbox customers only, not in response to others. Although Spencer did not state any names from the competing companies on his tweet, many believe that it was directed towards Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

Luckily, Spencer has received some good response from Twitter user where it quizzed Spencer if Microsoft is keeping its promise of a six teraflop GPU on the impending Xbox Project Scorpio. Spencer Addressed this by stating that nothing has changed for Microsoft since the console's announcement and that Microsoft will be sticking to its plans and promises.

Xbox Project Scorpio Major Specs

Microsoft made a daring claim that Xbox Project Scorpio will deliver the latest generation of 4K console gaming that was never seen before, even with the Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. It is projected to offer a strong combination of AMD Zen CPU and Vega CPU hardware to fully enable native 4K high-performance gaming. In Microsoft's launching video, the console will be capable of producing an enormous 6 TFLOPs of computational power as compared to PS 4 Pro's 4.2 TFLOP. In addition, Xbox Project Scorpio will activate native 4K console gaming, which the PlayStation 4 Pro has had trouble figuring out.

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