‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Disappoints With Only Seven Pocket Monsters Out Of A Hundred

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 18, 2016 06:28 PM EST

Niantic rolled out big updates recently, something that included new features and monsters for “Pokemon Go”. While most are welcome, some are reportedly unhappy seeing only 7 of 100 pocket monsters promised.

Among the new critters for “Pokemon Go” added include “Cleffa”, “Igglybuff”, “Magby”, “Elkid”, “Smoochum”, “Togepi” and “Pichu”. There is, of course, the Santa Hat Pikachu though he does not count among the new breed of pocket monsters.

Worth noting is that these new “Pokemon Go” critters can only be seen through egg hatching. Each has its own KM egg, much of which were detailed in a previous post. So where are the 93 pocket monsters previously being dished?

The best way to explain it is that Niantic may be waiting for the right time to spawn them out in “Pokemon Go”. From a game developer’s perspective, unleashing 100 new Pokemon could be unfeasible.

Imagine trying to look for all of them and bunching them up with the original batch. It seems like chaos written all over for a “Pokemon Go” players.

Hence, they could still come but at some point moving forward. For now, Niantic may be weighing out the impact of these seven new critters on “Pokemon Go” most of which may take time to see.

The fact remains that Niantic has the knack of rolling out “Pokemon Go” updates in droves, Neurogadget reported. The latest update may not be what most had expected.

Realistically speaking, "Pokemon Go" players will just have to play the game first and see how these new critters come out. Will they be more powerful and useful like the original breed?

Some may like the recent updates for “Pokemon Go” while some may not. There will be players returning and ones passing, Forbes reported.

Niantic cannot please all but hopefully, this does not become the cause of their downfall in the App Store rankings. Right now, "Pokemon Go" is still up there and more updates could keep it that way – if not catapult them to the top.

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