inFamous: Second Son's Sexy Pre-Order Bonus - Glow in the Dark Condoms

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 07, 2014 05:39 PM EST

Over the years, we've seen a wide array of bonus whatnot offered for games either as pre-order bonuses, or that come with certain editions. Some were good, some were bad, and others were just plain bizarre, but GameStop's offer for Italian customers looking to grab inFamous: Second Son may have just taken the gold.

The image above shows that very pre-order bonus, but in case your Italian is a bit rusty, here's a loose translation:

"Only from GameStop, book Infamous Second Son and receive the Exclusive Kit * Preorder, GameStop, game containing 2 cans of RedBull and a box of condoms fluorescents. This offer is valid until stocks last. ANY GADGETS AND DLC CODES WILL BE DELIVERED ON THE DAY OF THE GAME AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. Offer valid until the day before the release of reserving the game. Some restrictions may apply. Ask our staff for clarification."

Nope, that's not a mistranslation, GameStop's actually handing out Red Bull and glow in the dark condoms to anyone interested in getting a bit freaky after playing with their joysticks in inFamous: Second Son. But why? Well, that's a damn good question. While it's definitely more jazzy than a smelly old vest, I can only wonder at what inspired such an offer.

To take an educated guess, Cole McGrath and his shocking repertoire of electric abilites are the face of the inFamous brand, so at a stretch, I could kind of see the relation between balls of lightning and night light prophylactics. The only thing is that Cole is long gone, and Second Son features a brand new protagonist with an entirely different skill set. Second Son's Delsin Rowe's abilities are based on smoke, so maybe a pack of Marlboros would've been more appropriate. But I doubt that would've gone over too well, even in Europe.

The offer is good for Italian gamers only, so if glowing condoms are what you're seeking...well, can't say I know where to tell you to look for those. Can't say I've come across them at my local CVS.

I've reached out to GameStop for a response on just what their logic was for this interesting offer, and I'll let you know if I hear back.

Second Son brings the franchise to an alternate version of Seattle, where a government agency known as the Department of Unified Protection, or DUP for short, has taken control, to ensure that no catastrophe hits Seattle like the ones that befell Empire City and New Marais.

In order to do so, the DUP have covered the city in cameras, roablocks, and barricades. According to Sucker Punch, the heightened security is meant to reflect the post 9/11 state of the country, saying that the DUP serves as a parallel to the TSA.

They've also been rounding up and eliminating anyone showing signs of having powers, meaning it's a rough time to be a conduit in the city. This is a plan that doesn't exactly mesh well with inFamous newcomer, 24 year old Delsin Rowe, who sets out to free a number of captured conduits. During the ensuing chaos, his powers surface, and he discovers he too is a conduit, with the ability to control smoke.

Additionally, he can also absorb the powers of other conduits, which opens up a whole range of options and experiences for players, but Sucker Punch hasn't elaborated on this aspect just yet.

They have offered up some more details on his smoke powers though. Smoke screams stealth, which is one way Delsin operates, disappearing and reappearing like a cloud of...well, y'know. He can easily take out security systems, and use his powers to disappear into vents and ducts all around the city.

Despite the different powers, Delsin doesn't look like he'll control too differently from inFamous old hat Cole, making the game easy enough for familiar players to pick up. Like it's been in the past, urban exploration is a big part of the game, and Delsin can climb Seattle's skyscrapers as well as Cole could. But while Cole recharged himself from parked cars and transformers, Delsin relies on recharging from chimneys, destroyed cars, and even tear gas canisters. He's also quite handy with a chain as well. The morality system also makes a return, offering another method for players to influence the sort of powers they'll control, and how the Seattle citizens perceive them. You can read more about that here.

A PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son is out this February, with a PS4 game bundle expected at the same time.

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