'Infamous' News & Update: 'Second Son' & 'First Light' Patched For PS4 Pro! More Details Here!

'Infamous' News & Update: 'Second Son' & 'First Light' Patched For PS4 Pro! More Details Here!

Add the new "Infamous" games to the list of titles getting PS4 Pro updates.

by Joe Marsalis

inFamous: First Light

Europeans Love Buying DLC On Disc! Infamous: First Light Getting Retail Release In Europe

PlayStation Europe announced that the tale of the neon conduit Abigail "Fetch" Walker will now also be told on physical media.

by Luca Saitta

inFamous Second Son DLC First Light

inFamous: Second Son's First DLC is a Standalone Prequel Starring Abigail 'Fetch' Walker

Of the many assorted announcements we had at this year's E3, fans were treated to a brief flash of the first DLC for the PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son, and Sony has finally come through with some information on what gamers can expect.

by Luke Caulfield

Felix Morais Harvey

If You Need a Feel-Good Story For Today, Check Out This Kid Playing 'inFamous' From the Hospital

'Dual Shockers' reports on Felix Morais Harvey, a kid who gets to enjoy playing his PS4 from the hospital 500 miles from home using Remote Play.

by Alex Wolfe

inFamous Second Son

Curious Just How Real Next Gen Can Look? Check Out Some 'inFamous: Second Son' Photos

Using the new Photo Mode, people have taken some phenomenal next-gen photos that look very close to real life.

by Alex Wolfe

Infamous Second Son Delsin & Fetch

No New Power at End of inFamous: Second Son's Paper Trail Missions, Sucker Punch Reveals

No one's more disappointed by the news than Michael Scott and David Brent.

by Luke Caulfield

inFamous Second Son

If You Thought 'inFamous: Second Son' Was Good, Wait Until You See the Fish AI

In a silly video at the end of Suck Punch's GDC presentation, we get a look at how smart the shallow water fish are in 'Second Son.'

by Alex Wolfe

inFamous Second Son Wire

Wire and Glass Powers Considered for inFamous: Second Son's Delsin Rowe

Powers were cut from the final project, but perhaps they'll return as DLC?

by Luke Caulfield

Infamous Second Son Live Action

inFamous: Second Son Update Lets Players Adjust Time, Cap Frame Rate, Disable HUD, and More

Sucker Punch's additions in the update came from some of players' most requested changes.

by Luke Caulfield

Infamous: Second Son Commercial

inFamous: Second Son Soundtrack Now Available

Another musical collection from the gang at Sumthing Else

by Luke Caulfield

inFamous: Second Son Master Sword

The Legend of Zelda Easter Egg Discovered in inFamous: Second Son

It's always nice when a new game can pay homage to the legacy of the old.

by Luke Caulfield


Review Round Up - inFamous: Second Son

Read what the critics are saying inside

by Luke Caulfield


GameStop Announces Midnight Launch for inFamous: Second Son, Twitch Tries to Limit Spoilers From Circulating, and Designer Darren Bridges Discusses Development of Delsin Powers

inFamous: Second Son Senior Game Designer Darren Bridges - "It was a long process of creation, testing, and revision. We wanted each power set to feel unique, and we wanted to give a sense of progression as well as you play through the game."

by Luke Caulfield

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