'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: The Importance Of The Seed Maker Using Ancient Fruit & Making Huge Profit From It

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 19, 2016 06:49 PM EST

Ancient fruits cost a lot in "Stardew Valley," which is the reason why players should make this as their number one crop aside from star fruits and blueberries. These Ancient fruits can grow all seasons when put in the greenhouse. In addition, obtaining the first seeds requires scouring through the mines and patience.

Fortunately, there are seed makers in the game that multiplies the number of a certain crop, and Ancient fruits can be put inside it. Dormant for eons, as what the status or description of the said fruit, this will be the source of a huge profit, which will provide sums of gold that will be used to improve the farm.

Where can players find Ancient fruit seeds?

The gathering points vary but the seeds can be obtained through the deeper level of the mines. However, players should know that these seeds in "Stardew Valley" is the rarest that it only appears once every blue moon, which means that obtaining one should be donated right away in the museum to get the recipe in crafting the Ancient Fruit seeds. 

Always on the look out for Artifact spots

Artifact spots are spots where players can dig using a hoe to dig up an artifact, fossil, or normal clay or stone. Among the three mentioned, these are randomly obtained depending on the player's luck. Now, an Ancient seed can be obtained through these spots in "Stardew Valley," which are scattered everywhere. An Ancient seed can even be obtained through fishing a treasure. After the seed is obtained, players are required to donate it to Gunther, who owns the artifact museum, so that he can give the recipe to craft Ancient Fruit seeds that can be grown on your farm.

Gunther will give the players the recipe including the one piece of Ancient Seeds already ready for planting in "Stardew  Valley." Fortunately, players can also obtain the seeds from the Travelling Cart, which is available on Fridays and Sundays. On a most important note, players are recommended to plant it in a greenhouse, so the Ancient Fruit plant will grow without any conditions limiting its growth until it reaches to fruition. After that, players can harvest the fruits and can make other seeds by putting the produce into a seed maker. Numerously obtain a huge number of these Ancient Fruits by planting more from the seeds players obtained from the seed maker. More profit, less problems in "Stardew Valley."


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