'Bloodborne' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Finally Beat Logarius

By MJD , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:32 AM EST

One boss remains a hindrance for many "Bloodborne" players. Though an optional boss to defeat, Martyr Logarius poses a challenge for those visiting Castle Cainhurst. Fortunately, there is an effective way to defeat the character without much of a problem.

It is recommended that "Bloodborne" players should at least reach level 75 to be successful in taking down Logarius. Reports indicated that the character will be found by heading to Castle Cainhurst. Player can go through the roof and find a ladder in order to access a secret room in the castle. From there, Logarius will appear, waiting to battle players.

Logarius is a large boss, reaching up to three times the size of the player. However, he can be defeated on "Bloodborne" with the use of melee attacks. It was reported that Ppayers can also utilize a visceral attack to inflict damage on Logarius from afar. The "Bloodborne" boss is known for his ranged attacks. Fortunately, players can use the spires of the rooftop to heal while fighting Logarius. In addition, this is also effective for blocking the ranged attacks of Logarius.

However, while battling Logarius in "Bloodborne," players should be mindful of their stamina level, as taking down the boss requires a lot of action. This is because a player's melee attacks have the ability to interrupt Logarius' blade assaults. With that, the energy provided should be strategically thought of.

It is recommended that the first part of the battle should focus on using the visceral attack. Meanwhile, the second half should make use of strategically placing melee attacks on the "Bloodborne" boss.

Aside from the aforementioned strategy, bringing Quicksilver Bullets is also another way of beating Logarius in "Bloodborne." Players can also roll from Logarius' skull explosions. Meanwhile, heavy weapons are not advisable for defeating Logarius. Instead, using Ludwig's Holy Blade will be more effective than using large weapons.

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